Testosterone injections are a hormone treatment designed to increase testosterone levels in both men and women with low levels of the hormone (known as “low T”). As men get older, there is a normal, gradual decline in these levels, but sometimes these levels can drop quicker than normal. There are a number of symptoms for this condition, as low T can cause everything from weight gain, depression, erectile dysfunction, and lower sperm counts. 

Testosterone therapy has also been used to help transgender men in masculinizing therapy, as well as women that have abnormally low levels of the hormone. While this type of treatment has emerged as a billion-dollar industry in the United States, there are still some questions as to whether the risks outweigh the rewards. Here’s an overview if you’re interested in the treatments at a testosterone clinic in Denver

Risks of Testosterone Injections

There have been some side effects and other complications involved with testosterone injections, which makes it imperative to undergo these treatments under close supervision of a medical professional. Because this is a powerful hormone, there is a risk for increased cardiovascular complications when undergoing this kind of therapy. Others have experienced severe allergic reactions or other symptoms like breathing problems and dizziness. Other side effects include mood changes, changes in urination or abdominal pain. 

Everybody is different, and some might be more susceptible to these risks than others. People that have had heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, or high blood pressure should let their physician know that they’re contemplating this type of treatment before starting testosterone injections. It’s important to go over these risks with a medical professional before getting involved with testosterone injections. 

Benefits of Testosterone Injections

Even though there are potential risks involved, there are a number of benefits to testosterone injections, as well. This type of therapy has a multitude of positive applications and is often prescribed to treat the symptoms of certain medical conditions – particularly in males. Among the main benefits is treating low T, which can help deliver improved sexual function, better moods and cognitive function, and increased muscle mass. 

Increased testosterone helps with masculinizing transgender men and nonbinary individuals, aiding in gender transition. It can also help increase muscle mass, and help to eliminate menstrual periods. This not only helps develop a more masculine appearance, but can also help with emotional changes and better social function. Testosterone therapy in females can also help with low sex drive, fertility issues, and irregular periods. There is more controversy with using testosterone therapy with females, and it’s important to go over all of the potential aspects of this treatment with your doctor. 

Testosterone injections can be a great treatment for many conditions, and can help people in all walks of life. However, this isn’t a treatment plan that should be taken lightly, and it’s important to have all of the information at your disposal before opting to move forward with any testosterone therapy. For more information on testosterone injections, their risks and multiple benefits, reach out to the experts at Evolve Wellness and Health today.

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