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What to expect from testosterone injections?

For many men, aging comes with a list of problems a mile long. Common complaints of weight gain, decreased libido, and less energy are often seen as just a natural part of getting older. 

But what if you could do something about these problems? Many of the commonplace issues we’re told to expect as we get older are actually a result of a lower level of testosterone. Replacing testosterone can help you reverse some of these issues and help get you back some of your youthful vigor. 

The effects of testosterone injections can be significant for how you look, feel, and perform. Learn more about what to expect from testosterone injections and reach out to the Evolve Wellness team to get started. 

What Can Testosterone Injections Do For Me?

As you age, testosterone levels naturally begin to decline. This decline usually means that men start to notice changes in their mood, appearance, sexual performance, and other areas.

Regular testosterone injections can actually reverse some of the effects and lead to major changes. Here are some areas where you’ll notice the changes the most. 

Psychological benefits

Research suggests that depression, anxiety, and low self-worth may be linked to lower testosterone levels. Testosterone replacement therapy has been shown to improve men’s levels of anxiety, assertiveness, and “activation”–meaning attention, creativity, and alertness. Improvement in these areas can occur within weeks of starting testosterone injections. Depression levels may decrease, too, but the effects may take several weeks or more.

Sexual benefits

Testosterone injections do more than just increase your sex drive. After several weeks of testosterone replacement therapy, men reported more robust, more frequent and spontaneous erections and a dramatic increase in their overall satisfaction with their sex life.

Health benefits

Testosterone levels are vital to many areas of health. As testosterone levels dip, many men notice their general health taking a hit, too. Testosterone injections can lead to significant improvement in many aspects of your health, including:

  • Insulin sensitivity: insulin resistance can lead to more stored body fat which is often hard to lose
  • Inflammation: testosterone replacement can decrease inflammation throughout the body, which is thought to be responsible for a range of health problems
  • Bone density: testosterone replacement can reverse the decreased bone density that can occur as we age
  • Cholesterol levels: raising your testosterone levels can help you kick “bad” cholesterol without affecting your “good” cholesterol levels

Some of the effects on your health begin to develop in as little as three weeks, and some may be at their peak within 6 to 12 months. 

Effects on your appearance

In combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise, testosterone replacement can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Body fat is lowered, waist size decreases, and you can build lean muscle. You’ll notice the results–and so will everyone else. 

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You don’t have to just live with the effects of low testosterone as you age. Get back to feeling more like your best self. If you’re looking for a testosterone clinic Denver, contact the knowledgeable specialists at Evolve Wellness today.