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Are Testosterone Injections Safe? Benefits Explained

Testosterone injections are safe when administered under the supervision of a qualified healthcare provider and when appropriate medical guidelines are followed.  They are a common form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for individuals with low testosterone levels. There are many ways testosterone therapy can be administered, but most people prefer safe testosterone injections for the […]

MUST KNOW: What Happens If You Stop Taking Testosterone (TRT)?

Someone dead lifting a barbell

If you stop taking testosterone, low testosterone symptoms will reappear, creating increased health risks especially when done abruptly. Side effects of stopping testosterone therapy include loss of muscle mass, increased fatigue, decreased libido, and much more.  These side effects could lead to complications in your physical and mental health, so stopping treatment should always be […]

How is TRT Administered? A Guide For Beginners

TRT, testosterone replacement therapy, can be administered through injections, patches, tablets, and gels/creams. Each method has its own benefits and works differently for each person and their life circumstances. Let’s dive into the details of each and how you can talk with your physician about which TRT method will be best for you. Testosterone Patch […]